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August 1, 2010: Reuse Update  

Since the completion of the Reuse Plan at the end of 2009, the NeCDRA and its consultants have been busy working on several follow-up technical studies and in preparing the documents necessary to request and receive the Depot property from the Army. These projects include:

Business Plan
- an estimate of the costs and revenues anticipated over a 20-year span after the NeCDRA receives the Depot property and oversees its development

Infrastructure Master Plan - the proposed location, capacity, and phasing for future trunk infrastructure systems such as water and sewer lines at the Depot.

Boundary Survey - an in-the-field survey to establish the official boundaries and legal description to the Depot property to be transferred to the NeCDRA.

Economic Development Conveyance Application - the document required by the Department of Defense to be submitted that officially requests and justifies the transfer of the property from the Army to the NeCDRA through an Economic Development Conveyance.

These tasks are scheduled to be completed by Fall 2010 and submitted to the Army for their review. Upon receiving approval of the transfer request and supporting documents by the Army, an official date of transfer of the Depot property to the NeCDRA will be established. Stay tuned...


December 16, 2009: Complete Reuse Plan Report Document  

The planning team has completed making final revisions to the Reuse Plan report document and appendices. Please use the links below to view or download them.


  NeCD Reuse Plan - Final Report (PDF - 13.6 mb)

  NeCD Reuse Plan - Appendices A, B, C (PDF - 10.2 mb)

  NeCD Reuse Plan - Appendices D, E, F (PDF - 48.3 mb)


You may also view these documents in person at the Vermillion County courthouse or the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority offices in the Clinton City Hall building.

November 23, 2009: NeCDRA Approves Reuse Plan  

At their meeting on Thursday, November 19, the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority board officially approved the proposed Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Plan and Homeless Assistance Submission! 

The meeting began with a presentation by Matrix Design Group on the draft reuse plan, as well as implementation strategies to ensure the community is successful in the Depot's transition. Next, Bill Laubernds, NeCDRA Executive Director, reviewed a number of "action items" planned for 2010 to continue the planning and reuse of the Depot.  This was followed by the required public hearing on both the Reuse Plan and the Homeless Assistance Submission. Following the hearing and comments by NeCDRA board members, the Reuse Plan was formally approved by the board on a unanimous vote.

The NeCDRA board and staff would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting and spoke during the public hearing. The community's strong interest in and support of the Depot's reuse and passion for the Depot's diverse resources was very evident, which bodes well for the Depot's future. The NeCDRA would also like to thank all those in the community who reviewed the plan report and suggested edits or clarifications to the text. Your feedback will help make the Reuse Plan report a better document.

With the Reuse Plan now approved, over the next few weeks the planning team will make final edits to the report, complete the appendices, and package the Reuse Plan and Homeless Assistance documents for submission to the Federal government.

Keep checking this website for updates, news items, maps and documents, and other information as we head into 2010 and continue preparing for the Newport Chemical Depot's new role in the community! 

November 13, 2009: Public Hearing Set for November 19  

A public hearing will be held on Thursday, November 19 on the adoption of the Newport Chemical Depot Homeless Assistance Submission and Reuse Plan. The hearing will take place as part of the NeCDRA's regularly scheduled meeting, starting at 6:30 PM at the Clinton City Council chambers at 259 Vine Street in Clinton.

November 11, 2009: Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Plan - DRAFT REPORT UPDATE  

The link below contains an slightly updated version of the draft Reuse Plan report.

Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Plan - DRAFT 2009-11-09  (11.8 mb - PDF)

October 20, 2009: Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Plan - DRAFT REPORT  

The first draft of the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Plan as a complete document is presented below. After receiving comments on this draft plan from the public, other stakeholders, and NeCDRA board members, the planning team will make necessary edits and prepare, in early November, the final Reuse Plan document with appendices, for adoption by the NeCDRA board at their November 19, 2009 board meeting.  

Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Plan - DRAFT 2009-10-20  (13.5 mb - PDF)

October 1, 2009: NeCDRA Homeless Assistance Application 

The document posted below ("NeCDRA Homeless Assistance Application 2009-10-01") is a draft copy of the NeCDRA's Homeless Assistance Application to the federal government. This document references under "Section (a) Redevelopment Plan" an attachment called "Exhibit A". That "Exhibit A" attachment is the "Draft NeCD Reuse Master Plan Report 2009-09-23" document presented in the September 24, 2009 news item below. Together, these two documents constitute the required posting of the NeCDRA's Homeless Assistance Application for public review.

NeCDRA Homeless Assistance Application (2009-10-01) (21 kb - PDF)

September 24, 2009: NeCD Draft Reuse Master Plan Report 

To meet federal requirements regarding the NeCDRA's Homeless Assistance submission, the draft NeCD Draft Reuse Plan report must be made available for public review at this time. That document is available using the link below. Please note that the federal government does not required that the report be complete at this time; in fact, it is acceptable for there to be missing text, exhibits, and other report elements as long as the overall report structure is evident. Over the course of the next month, the planning team will be completing the remaining report sections, adding photographs and additional exhibits, improving the report's graphics, and performing a major quality review/proofreading before presenting the report to the NeCDRA in mid-October. Once complete, the final Reuse Master Plan report and appendices will be made available here on this Information page.

Draft NeCD Reuse Master Plan Report (2009-09-23) (7.6 mb - PDF)

September 21, 2009: Daily Clintonian Article 

The Daily Clintonian published on September 18, 2009 an informative article about the NeCD reuse planning process. Please read it in PDF format below:

"Depot's Closing, Reuse Controlled by Authority" (247 kb - PDF)

September 18, 2009: NeCDRA Board Moves Forward with Preferred Plan

At their regular monthly board meeting on Thursday, September 17, the NeCDRA board of directors voted unanimously to advance the Preferred Reuse Plan map, presented the evening before at Public Meeting # 3, as the draft Reuse Master Plan map and instructed the Matrix planning team to complete the Reuse Master Plan report document based on that map. The draft Reuse Master Plan report will be prepared over the next month and presented to the board at their October meeting for formal adoption. Once approved by the NeCDRA board, the final electronic and paper versions of the report will be prepared and made available for public distribution.

September 17, 2009: Public Meeting # 3 Summary 

Many thanks to the 60 or so citizens who attended Public Meeting # 3 on September 16. At the meeting, the planning team presented the Preferred Reuse Plan and received comments and questions from the audience. Overall, the plan was well received and many citizens expressed support for the project.

The Public Meeting # 3 presentation and Preferred Reuse Plan map exhibits are available for download below:

Public Meeting # 3 Presentation (846 kb - PDF)

Preferred Reuse Plan Map (3.7 mb - PDF)

August 21, 2009: Reuse Plan Concepts

The planning team has completed the creation of three reuse plan concepts from which the Preferred Reuse Plan will evolve. They are presented in the Reuse Plan Concepts section below.

The public's input on these reuse plan concepts is encouraged!  What themes from the plan concepts do you like or dislike?  What combination, location, or configuration of elements would you like to see in the Preferred Reuse Plan? Based on public input as well as physical, market/economic, and environmental factors, the planning team will craft from these three plan concepts a single Preferred Reuse Plan that will be presented at Public Meeting # 3 on September 16.

Please email your input on the plan concepts by September 7 to: comments@necdra.com.

July 6, 2009: Concept Plan Work Starting

Now that the Existing Conditions and Visioning phases have been completed, the project team has been working since June on the process of developing a number of draft concept plan alternatives--different combinations and locations for a variety of future uses at the Depot. These draft concept plans will evolve over the course of the summer, with a Preferred Reuse Plan presented to the public at Public Meeting # 3 in September. Stay tuned!

May 20, 2009: Public Meeting # 2 a Success!

Many thanks to the dozens of citizens who came out to Public Meeting # 2 on May 16 and participated in the visioning process! Your feedback is a critical component of developing the Reuse Master Plan. Not only did many adults participate in Public Meeting # 2, but the day before, on Friday May 15, the project team conducted the same visioning exercise with about 30 students from North and South Vermillion High Schools. The students' input was well received and greatly appreciated!

May 12, 2009: Public Meeting # 2 Presentation and Visioning Survey  

The NeCDRA and the consultant team will present an overview of the project and the results of the team's Existing Conditions data collection and analysis at Public Meeting # 2 on May 16, 2009. Also at the meeting, the public will participate in a visioning exercise consisting of a special survey about future land uses at the Depot. A copy of both the PowerPoint presentation that will be shown at Public Meeting # 2 and the Visioning Survey are available in PDF format using the links below:

Public Meeting # 2 Presentation (7.3 mb - PDF)

Public Meeting # 2 Visioning Survey (1.0 mb - PDF)

If you are unable to attend Public Meeting # 2 but would like to complete the Visioning Survey, please print the survey, complete it, and mail, fax, or drop it off to the NeCDRA office at the address shown to the left.

May 11, 2009: Draft Existing Conditions Maps  

Thirty draft Existing Conditions maps have been posted in the Existing Conditions Maps section below for public review. These maps will also be presented at Public Meeting # 2 on Saturday, May 16.

May 8, 2009: Public Benefit Conveyance Notice of Interest Documents

The NeCDRA has received four Notices of Interest for Public Benefit Conveyance. A PDF copy of each of the four notices are posted below in the Project Documents section.

April 23, 2009: Homeless / Notices of Interest Received

The Homeless Outreach process began on November 28, 2008 with a publication in the local newspaper and letters sent in the mail. The process ended on March 23, 2009 with the deadline for submitting a “notice of interest” (NOI). There were no notices received from any homeless providers. The following NOI's were received in regard to public benefit conveyances: Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Wabash River Heritage Corridor, Sycamore Trails RC & D and the Vermillion County Parks and Recreation Board. These NOI’s will be considered during the process of developing the reuse plan.

April 14, 2009: Planning Team Completes Focus Group Meetings

Over the past few weeks, the Matrix planning team conducted three focus group meetings aimed at gathering and discussing detailed existing conditions data relating to land use, infrastructure, and economic development.

In late March, Tim Dreese and Ken Schroeppel from Matrix Design Group held the Land Use Focus Group, which concentrated on agricultural and forestry productivity and resources, soils and drainage issues, natural and conservation areas, and other topics associated with development suitability. In early April, Randy Patchett from Burns & McDonnell led the Infrastructure Focus Group that took a detailed look at the depot's utility systems and their capacities and conditions, as well as adjacent transportation and telecommunication assets. Also in early April, Cheryl Baxter and Sarah Robinson from Economics Research Associates held the Economic Development Focus Group, which engaged regional and state economic development experts in a discussion about the market opportunities and challenges associated with the Newport Chemical Depot reuse effort.

April 13, 2009: Planning Team Wraps Up NeCD Facility Assessment

Facility architects and engineers from Matrix Design Group completed in early April a three-day intensive survey of key buildings located on NeCD property, as part of the planning team's existing conditions data collection effort. The structures in the survey were selected based on their condition, size, and likelihood of reuse after the depot closes. Each survey included an inspection and documentation of the building's structural components, utility systems, room layout, and other attributes important to understanding how the facility could be adaptively reused in the future. The results of the Facility Assessment will be made available in the Project Documents section below in May.  

April 3, 2009: NeCDRA Hires Executive Director

At their March 26 monthly meeting, the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority board officially hired Bill Laubernds as the NeCDRA's new Executive Director. For more detail about the hiring process and Bill's background, please read the notice posted below:

NeCDRA Hires Executive Director (10 kb - PDF)

April 2, 2009: Existing Conditions Data Collection and Analysis is Underway

Throughout March and April, the project team is focusing its efforts on gathering and analyzing data relating to a variety of existing on-base and off-base conditions. Understanding what currently exists in and around the depot serves as an important step in the planning process before possible reuse plan alternatives can be devised. Areas that the planning team are investigating in terms of existing conditions include, among others:

  • Land use and zoning

  • Transportation systems

  • Buildings and facilities

  • Utilities and infrastructure

  • Environmental issues

  • Natural resources and habitats

  • Agricultural resources and soils

  • Water resources and hydrology

  • Cultural, historical, and archaeological resources

These existing conditions will be presented to the public at Public Meeting # 2 in May. Also, we'll be adding maps of these existing conditions to the Project Maps section below as we get closer to the May meeting.

February 25, 2009: Public Meeting # 1 a Success!  

Approximately 60 people attended the first public meeting for the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Master Plan project on February 24 at North Vermillion High School. Jack Fenoglio, NeCDRA President, welcomed the crowd and gave an overview of the history of the Authority and the project to date. Jack then introduced Tim Dreese and Ken Schroeppel from Matrix Design Group, who presented an overview of the project and took questions and comments from the audience.

Use the links below for a copy of the PowerPoint presentation from Public Meeting # 1, the list compiled during the meeting of the public's spoken comments and ideas, and an article about the meeting from the Daily Clintonian newspaper:

Public Meeting # 1 PowerPoint Presentation (1.87 mb - PDF)

Compiled List of Public Comments and Ideas During Meeting (12 kb - PDF)

Daily Clintonian Article - 2009-02-25 (253 kb - PDF)



The planning team has created three reuse plan concepts (A, B, and C) from which the Preferred Reuse Plan will evolve. The reuse plan concepts are not intended as independent “solutions” for reuse of the Depot. Instead, they present a collection of plan “elements” in different combinations, locations, and configurations, intentionally varied across the three concepts to illuminate multiple reuse opportunities. The plan concepts increase in land area devoted to non-agricultural development from A (least) to C (most). The eventual Preferred Reuse Plan will likely be a hybrid of themes and elements from these different plan concepts. The plan concepts are based on key principles important to the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority and the community:

  • Conservation of natural and cultural resources

  • Continuation of agricultural-related uses

  • Long-term market flexibility

  • Creation of jobs and economic development for the region

Themes Common to All Reuse Plan Concepts:

  • The largest blocks of unfragmented forests are maintained as natural conservation areas

  • Major natural drainage corridors are maintained as natural conservation areas

  • Noncontiguous natural areas are connected through “green corridors” where necessary

  • Right-of-way for a Highway 63 / Highway 71 east-west connection is provided or preserved

  • Agricultural uses are concentrated in the areas with the best soils

  • Opportunities for “mega-site” development are created

Land Use Descriptions:


This section provides a brief description of the different land use categories found across the three plan concept maps. The various non-agricultural land uses shown on the concept maps are long-term land use designations. Until market demand justifies their development, these areas would remain in their existing agricultural or natural use. The same will be true for the Preferred Reuse Plan.


Natural Conservation Areas.  Land shown with this designation would remain in its natural state into the future, featuring forests, native prairie areas, and other existing natural systems. Compatible activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking are potential uses within the Natural Conservation Areas.


Agriculture & Forestry.  These areas would allow for a variety of agricultural uses typically found in the region (such as planted crops and livestock grazing) as well as tree plantations and timber harvesting. Native prairie areas found within Agriculture & Forestry land could be preserved or used for prairie hay or other agricultural production.


Business & Technology.  Areas identified as Business & Technology could accommodate a wide variety of uses such as office / industrial parks, research and testing facilities, manufacturing and production, storage and distribution, energy production, agribusiness, educational, and institutional uses.


Highway-Oriented Commercial. This designation could include uses such as auto / truck service plazas, restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores.


Energy Research & Production.  An area specifically designated for larger-scale energy production and energy-related educational, research and development, storage, and distribution activities.


Agribusiness Education & Research.  This area could include test fields, greenhouses, and similar facilities or sites related to agribusiness education and research.


Natural Systems Education & Research.  An area that could include sites or facilities oriented to education and research on the region's flora and fauna, climate, geology, hydrology, or other environmental conditions.


Shared Research and Conference Facilities.  An area designated for a conference facility shared by all users at the Depot and available to the community at large, as well as other educational, research, or support facilities and services that promote collaboration or economies of scale for Depot users. 

Reuse Plan Concept "A" Summary and Map:

Plan Concept A provides the most amount of land for both agriculture and natural areas, with approximately 76% of the land designated for those uses, and approximately 24% for business and technology development. Plan Concept A focuses business and technology uses primarily in the areas where current or former military facilities exist, and buffers those uses from Highway 63 with agriculture. The transportation framework for Plan Concept A minimizes new roadway investments by upgrading existing Depot roads to create a simple U-shaped arterial road that provides access to the three business and technology areas.

Plan Concept "A" Map (540 kb - PDF)

Reuse Plan Concept "B" Summary and Map:

Plan Concept B provides approximately 65% of the land for natural conservation and agricultural development, and approximately 35% for other types of development. Plan Concept B promotes an energy and research emphasis to the Depot's reuse. Specific areas are designated for energy production, business and technology, agribusiness, and natural systems uses and research activities, that are oriented around a central "commons" that would provide land for a conference center and other shared or support services and facilities. The transportation framework for Plan Concept B includes a new arterial parkway that provides access to the various land use districts and emphasizes the central hub.

Plan Concept "B" Map (540 kb - PDF)

Reuse Plan Concept "C" Summary and Map:

Plan Concept C provides a closer balance between natural conservation, agriculture, and industrial development, with approximately 48% of the land designated for natural conservation or agriculture, and approximately 52% for business and technology uses. Plan Concept C consolidates agricultural uses to the western edge of the Depot and designates the remaining non-conservation areas for general business and technology uses to create multiple "mega-site" development areas. Smaller districts for business uses are provided along Highway 63. Plan Concept C's transportation framework relies on an arterial parkway across the Depot that provides access to all land use districts and creates a regional east-west connection between Highways 63 and 71.

Plan Concept "C" Map (540 kb - PDF)


Throughout the Reuse Master Plan process, a number of maps showing existing and proposed conditions and uses will be prepared by the project team for consideration by the NeCDRA and the public. Maps will be added or refined as the project moves forward.

All maps are in PDF format, 11" x 17" in dimension, and range from approximately 200 kb to 400 kb in file size. Map names include the date posted, as newer versions of a map may be posted over time.


Existing Conditions Maps:

  Regional Context (2009-05-11)

  Depot Overview (2009-05-11)

  Depot Main Facility (2009-05-11)

  Depot Railroad & Wells Area (2009-05-11)

  Buildings Detail # 1 (2009-05-11)

  Buildings Detail # 2 (2009-05-11)

  Facilities Assessed (2009-05-11)

  Indiana Bat Habitat (2009-05-11)

  Existing Farming Uses (2009-05-11)

  Historical and Cultural Resources (2009-05-11)

  Hydrology (2009-05-11)

  Natural Systems (2009-05-11)

  Roadway Systems (2009-05-11)

  Prime Agricultural Soils (2009-05-11)

  Topography (2009-05-11)

  Utilities - Domestic Water (2009-05-11)

  Utilities - Fire Water (2009-05-11)

  Utilities - Electric (2009-05-11)

  Utilities - Natural Gas (2009-05-11)

  Utilities - Sanitary Sewer (2009-05-11)

  Water Resources (2009-05-11)

  Known Environmental Sites (2009-05-11)

  Known Environmental Sites - Study Section 8 Detail (2009-05-11)

  Environmental Land Use Controls (2009-05-11)

  Environmental Land Use Controls - Study Section 8 Detail (2009-05-11)

  Potential Environmental Constraints (2009-05-11)

  Environmental Constraints on Agriculture (2009-05-11)

  Environmental Constraints on Business and Industrial (2009-05-11)

  Agriculture and Forestry Development Suitability (2009-05-11)

  Business and Industrial Development Suitability (2009-05-11)


Notice of Interest - Department of Natural Resources (71 kb - PDF)

Notice of Interest - Sycamore Trails (146 kb - PDF)

Notice of Interest - Vermillion County Park Board (37 kb - PDF)

Notice of Interest - Wabash River Heritage (119 kb - PDF)

Homeless and State/Local Screening Notification (71 kb - PDF)

NeCDRA Establishment Resolution (70 kb - PDF)


NeCD Demilitarization Summary 2007 (2.7 mb - PDF)

NeCD Closure Mission Fact Sheet - October 2008 (178 kb - PDF)

NeCD Closure Insert - October 2008 (6.41 mb - PDF)

NeCD Tour Book - February 2009 (1.74 mb - PDF)

NeCD Closure Update Fact Sheet - March 2009 (936 kb - PDF)


For more information on the Newport Chemical Depot, please visit www.cma.army.mil


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