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Contact the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority at:

259 Vine Street
Clinton, IN  47842
765-832-3870 (phone)
765-832-3871 (fax)

or send us an email at:




The Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority is committed to an open and transparent planning process in which citizen advice and ideas are actively solicited at every stage. Therefore, we want to hear from you!

  • What are some of the issues that should be considered during the Reuse Master Planning process?

  • What are your ideas about future uses for the Newport Chemical Depot?

  • Are there uses you don't want to see in the future at the depot?

  • What is your vision for the depot ten years from now? Twenty years from now?

  • How can the NeCDRA help keep you better informed and involved in the planning process?

These are just a few examples of the kind of feedback the NeCDRA would like to receive from citizens, businesses, and organizations in the region. What's your input on the redevelopment of the Newport Chemical Depot?


Here are a few suggestions for staying involved in the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Master Planning process, keeping up with the latest news, and providing your feedback to the project planning team:

  • Regularly check this website for updated information... especially the Information and Schedule pages.

  • Attend the monthly NeCDRA Board Meetings.

  • Attend and participate in the various public meetings planned during the project duration.

  • Send us an email with your feedback! Here's the email address:


The project team has created a short Community Feedback Form with a few questions on it to solicit your thoughts regarding the planning and future reuse of the Newport Chemical Depot.

There are two ways to complete the form:

1. Click on the "Community Feedback Form - Print" link below to open and print the form and complete your answers by hand. Then mail or fax the form to the NeCDRA using the contact information shown on the left side of this page.

2. Click on the "Community Feedback Form - Email" link below and save the Microsoft Word document to your computer under a new file name (e.g. "steve's comments.doc"). Fill in the gray form fields with your answers, save and email the file to the NeCDRA at:

Community Feedback Form - Print  (PDF)

Community Feedback Form - Email  (MS Word)

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